The book describes the U.S. involvement in the First World War, not only as a nation but also according to the views of the general public. It explains the reasons for their involvement and the consequences for the ordinary soldier.

But the story does not end in 1918. It provides details on the activities of the American Graves Registration Service. It also provides the historical background of the Flanders Field cemetery, the establishment of the American Battle Monuments Commission and the American Overseas Memorial Day Association. You can also read about the unique testimonies of the Gold Star Mother pilgrimages that took place between 1930 and 1933.


The book does not emphasize on the military operations of the Allies nor its German counterpart in Flanders. Using photographic materials that have never been published before, this book is undeniably a unique memorable tribute to the individual soldiers who gave their all for the sake of our freedom and now lie in Flanders Fields.